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Shipping To India is a logistics entity based in the UK that tenders Air Cargo, Courier service and the Logistics solutions to India and Worldwide with the best rates in the market.

While you plan for shipping to India from UK or globally it is imperative to have a reasonable budgeting.

As rate is the most fundamental substance of any given business. The pricing of Logistic industry is a composite of a lot of different aspects; we shall cover some in a while.

When you lock down the quantity of weight for shipping it is essential for you to take into account these multifaceted rates.

The cost structure is such, it happen to diverge a little for Air Cargo and Courier service (they are also identified as Air Freight and Door to Door service respectively).

For Air Cargo our price control officers are familiar with the cost perplexity and mitigate the dilemma for our valued clients by churning up all price components into per kilogram rate as displayed on the rate-card.

It comprises: freight rate, fuel surcharge, war risk etc., other than this an extra fee is applicable for UK customs clearance, and Handling, optional pick up if any, and a negligible trucking fee if cargo is not dropped in London.

However, these charges do not have any significance on destination clearance, duties, and taxes levied by the Customs in destination, and are to be borne by the receiver whistle clearance at the airport.

Whereas, for the Courier Services there is per kilogram flat rate apart from Handling, customs clearance and pick charges may vary.

In case of Courier mode or a Door to Door service if any duties, taxes or any supplementary charges imposed by the Customs Clearance Authorities in destination, and should be paid by the consignee before delivery.

Before kicking off packing for shipping to India from UK make it certain that you utilize the maximum room in the box, for instance, if you use a box having volume of 20 kg then make use of full 20 kg by placing items equivalent to volume weight, if you have belongings in smaller quantity then please use a lesser dimension box.

When you organize this, it will ensure that you pay for the accurate chargeable weight and not for extra kilos.

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Courier To India From UK - Shipping To India From UK - Shipping To India

Courier To India From UK - Shipping To India From UK - Shipping To India



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