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When preparing for export of cargo from the UK outside of the European Union. The procedure of “Custom Clearance” distress many due to lack of knowledge.

The customs clearance in a nutshell is an operation of passing goods via customs so that they can enter or exit the country.

As this domain requires expertise, Shipping to India helps you overcome the hurdle aptly, and make the process simple for each cargo delivery we come across.

Because of the number of countries and locations we export to, other than India, we may not cover particular customs policies except selected general advice below to assist you.

Personal Effects

Commonly termed as personal excess baggage, household goods, etc. needs a customs clearance at destination as well as the origin; for a smooth transition, jot down a precise list of the Items box-wise and keep it handy at the time clearance along with your travel documents.

Commercial Goods

While exporting goods overseas outside the EU, the exporter must produce a complete invoice for the goods, incorporated with Harmonized Code of a particular commodity.

Export Documentation

Buyer’s Purchase Order, Invoice of Sales, Packing List, Shipping Bill, Bill of Lading or Air Way Bill, Certificate of Origin and any other particular documentation as specified by the buyer, or as needed by financial institutions or LC terms or as per importing country  regulation.

Import Documentation

Buyer’s Purchase Order, Supplier’s Sales Invoice, Bill of Entry, Bill of lading or Air Way Bill, Packing List, Certificate of origin, and any other particular documentation as indicated by the buyer, or financial institution of the importing country regulation.

Airport To Airport Carnet (ATA Carnet)

Some goods can be temporarily exported for use outside the EU by means of an ATA carnet. The ATA carnets are issued by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the UK.

Merchandise In Baggage (MIB)

Merchandise in Baggage is a claim that passengers utilize to export commercial goods and samples they’re taking with them outside the EU. To proceed with the MIB you need to complete an electronic export declaration or, exceptionally a document C88/ESS.

Take a print of this or the Export Accompanying Document (EAD), as well as have the EAD stamped as proof of export, thus, you can zero-price the goods for VAT. This practice might buy your time, so leave adequate hours to yourself at the port or airport to complete these processes.

Your Responsibility As The Shipper

Enlightening The Recipient Their Accountability For Taxes, Import Duties And Charges

A percentage of the declared value of your goods is usually charged as import duty. An admin fee might also be charged for the customs clearance.

Taxes and import duties can be payable by the consignee determined on the cost of the goods; in certain (but not all) countries. The complete fees for customs clearance will require to be reimbursed prior your goods are discharged for delivery.

Make Certain You Transport No Forbidden Goods

Items such as Adhesives, Aerosols, Ammunition, Batteries, Christmas Crackers, Cleaner & Solvents, Compressed Air and Gas Cylinders, Diesel, Dry Ice, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Works, Fuel, Gasoline, Gunpowder, Helium, Radioactive Material, etc are restricted.

As every destination has dissimilar policy as to what will be allowed into the country. We advise you to confirm with customs in the destination country that you desire to send to.

If you are in any doubts in respect to customs please contact us on +44-02035983450

For More Information View The Official Site Of Indian Customs 

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Customs Advice

Customs Advice

Customs Advice

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Customs Advice

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