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The sparrow of Gold is what India identified as from the earlier ancient era. In the modern age, it has preserved the title with utmost pride and sheer modesty at the same time.

While India has a rich and diverse culture, it also boasts strong, significant, and a variety of chapters in the fold pages of history.

On unfolding these sheets many well-known episodes come before us. In them, one of the most important is trade and migrations to the UK during British India. Moreover, after India’s triumph of independence in 1947, it increased by leaps and bounce.

With time businesses and journeys have grown at a soaring speed and called for a timeless solution to transport goods from the UK in the form of courier to India.

Reasonably, for the manufacturers, and emotionally for the Indian families settled in the UK; courier to India overpasses the expressive, invaluable sentiments to their loved ones back home by means of a gift, and a commercial packet to a distant client in India.

As India holds its significance in the face of the world as a growing economy, it also has a matchless charm for the tourists as well as for big and small commercial entities from the UK, which is sufficient to build an ever-evolving want for courier to India from UK.

The innovation with time is the key factor to slake these rising requirements for us.

At Shipping To India we carter courier to India with accuracy, we are fast and secure, and deliver within given transit always, and at the cheapest rates.

As India is our foremost turf, we take pride in a robust foundation spread all over the country; that is powered by the extensive network with a vow of doorstep delivery to virtually any remote location.

Also, the course of action is driven by a bunch of avid, years’ experience, and courteous professionals that takes you through the process with reliability and personal care. They always aspire to compose every courier to India from UK a pleasant venture for you at Shipping To India.


Courier to India – Shipping Charges from UK to India

Below given are rates for a door to door delivery to India from the UK. However, the rates are exclusive of any duties/taxes levied by the Indian customs authorities. To send your personal belongings from anywhere in UK to India. We offer Courier To India with an assurance of reliability. The estimate transit time for a delivery is 14 workings days and for remote are it is 21 working days from the date of dispatch. Transit time is depended onTo avail an obligatory and free quotation for a Cheap Courier To India from UK feel free to contact us.


Rates All In Pick up Minimum Chargeable Weight
£4 per kg Free (Except Scotland HighLand & Northen Ireland) 10 KG

Useful Information for Sending a Courier to India from UK

What items should you send in parcel delivery to India from UK?

When sending a parcel delivery to India from the UK, it is important to choose items that are practical and meaningful for the recipient. Some preferred items include clothes, books, shoes, utensils, bags, and branded and such as snacks, ready-to-eat meals, spices, and dry fruits.

Additionally, items like bedsheets, handicrafts, metal items, photos, frames, fabric, jackets, aprons, gloves, blankets, and important educational documents are also suitable for sending. Sports accessories, inexpensive artworks, and household items are also accepted.

In addition to these items, there are many other things that can be sent. It is advisable to contact the Shipping to India prior to sending your package.

It is important to consider the cultural preferences and practical needs of the recipient when selecting items for the parcel. Whether it is a gift for a loved one or a practical necessity, ensuring that the items chosen are of value and relevance to the receiver will make the parcel delivery a thoughtful gesture.

What items are prohibited in a parcel service?

When using a courier service to send items from the UK to India, there are certain items that are prohibited. These include animal products, rough diamonds, liquor, hazardous materials, soil, tobacco, seeds, and black tea leaves.

Additionally, any products containing the biocide dimethyl fumarate (DMF), as well as all tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco, are also prohibited. Alcohol, pornography material, lottery tickets, temperature-controlled items, radioactive material, precious and semi-precious metals, harmful chemicals, passports, lithium batteries, and antiques are also on the list of items that cannot be transported through a courier service.

It is important to be aware of these restrictions when sending packages internationally to avoid any problems or delays in the delivery process.

While prohibitions and restrictions vary from country to country, so before you book your international delivery with us it is recommended to consult with our expert team to determine if any items are prohibited.

Can I send spices like cardamom and black pepper from UK to India?

When you’re sending cargo via air freight then it is easy to send spices of various sorts. Of course, they should not be banned.

However, the scenario changes when it comes to sending them in postage to India with royal mail or in parcel mode, there are certain restrictions to it. When you’re sending cargo via air freight, it is relatively easy to send spices like cardamom and black pepper.

However, if you are planning to send them in postage to India using the Royal Mail or in parcel mode, there may be certain restrictions to consider. It is important to check with carrier if these spices require specific documentation at the destination or have any limitations with regards to quantity for international shipping.

What is meant by volume weight in parcel shipping?

Volume weight, also known as dimensional weight, is a concept used in parcel shipping to determine transportation costs. It is calculated based on the amount of space a package occupies in a delivery vehicle or aircraft rather than its physical weight.

It is particularly important when shipping bulky or lightweight items as their actual weight may not accurately reflect the amount of space they occupy.

To calculate volume weight, the dimensions of the package (length, width, and height (cm)) are multiplied together, and the result is divided by a volumetric divisor. The resulting number represents the “weight” of the package in terms of space, and it is compared to the actual weight of the package. Whichever weight is greater is used to determine the shipping cost.

Understanding volume weight is crucial for both shippers and customers as it ensures fair pricing and efficient use of space in delivery carriers.

When you’re availing parcel services to India what should you use for packing: boxes or suitcases?

When it comes to packing items to send a shipment, there are a few options to choose from such as boxes or suitcases. However, it is recommended to use double-walled cardboard boxes for packing. These boxes offer better durability and sturdiness, ensuring that your items are protected during transit.

Suitcases are also strong enough of bearing the jolts in transit. But one key advantage of using cardboard boxes is that labels can be easily attached and secured onto the box, whereas suitcases can easily lose labels due to their shape and material.

Moreover, it is important to note that not all collection providers accept suitcases. Therefore, before booking a collection service, it is essential to confirm whether they can carry suitcases or not. Some providers may have specific guidelines or restrictions regarding the types of packaging they accept.

By using sturdy double-walled cardboard boxes and checking with the collection provider beforehand, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free packing and transportation experience for your items.

Do you need to deal with Indian customs for international courier delivery to India?

When you send a parcel to India, dealing with Indian customs is an essential part of the process.

Every parcel that arrives in at destination country goes through the customs clearance procedure. In most cases, your chosen delivery service provider or their agent will handle the customs on your behalf. They will collect and submit the relevant documents required (items list, invoice, etc.) for the clearance process.

However, you may be required to get involved if the customs authorities find any undeclared items, illegal substances, or restricted items in your parcel.

It is important to ensure that you provide accurate and complete information about the contents of your package to avoid any issues during the customs clearance process.

Once the customs formalities are completed, your courier will be delivered to the designated place in India as per your instructions.

Will the receiver in India have to Collect the parcel?

Generally, when a parcel is sent to India, the receiver does not have to collect the parcel. The parcel is usually delivered to the destination address, ensuring a convenient door-to-door service.

However, there may be certain scenarios where the receiver might have to collect the parcel from the nearest hub. This situation can occur if the delivery address is in a remote area or falls outside the carrier’s usual delivery location.

Additionally, if the carriers have attempted to deliver the parcel multiple times without success, the receiver may be required to collect the parcel from a depot.

To know whether the receiver in India will have to collect the parcel or not, it is recommended that when you get a quote for the parcel service from the carrier give the delivery postal code beforehand and please check, as they can check and advise you about the delivery.

Moreover, it is always advisable to ensure your parcel is properly addressed and provide accurate contact information to avoid any delivery complications.

What is the transit time for Sending a Document courier to India from UK?

To determine the transit time for sending a document courier to India from the UK, it is advisable to get in touch with your courier services.

Typically, door to door document delivery takes around 2-4 days from the date of pick up or dispatch. It is worth noting that the customs process for documents is relatively simple and fast, and they do not attract any customs duties.

When you go through the booking process with a courier provider, you can inquire about the expected transit time and get a better understanding of the delivery timeline.

Additionally, trusted couriers often offer the option of express document delivery for those who need a faster turnaround. Therefore, for individuals or businesses looking to send important documents via parcel delivery service, it is recommended to reach out to courier service providers for accurate transit time estimates and explore express delivery options if required.

Courier To India From UK - Shipping To India

Courier To India From UK - Shipping To India

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Courier To India From UK - Shipping To India

Courier To India From UK - Shipping To India

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