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Cargo To India From Aberdeen

Cargo To India From Aberdeen

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Sending Cargo to India from Aberdeen is simple with Shipping to India. Our foundation of more than half a decade,  allow us to carter a customized solution for a variety of cargo needs to India.

Send Cargo To India from Aberdeen With Us

If you have cargo to India from Aberdeen, and you want to send it using Airport to Airport service, you can drop it off at our depot, located in near the Aberdeen airport. In all, we have 26-27 receiving centers all over the United Kingdom. In case, if you choose not to deposit your wares at receiving center, then ask us to collect from your Location in Aberdeen. We will arrange it for you. The service–air cargo to India is recommended for carrying goods in bulk quantity. And we can freight your cargo to all custom affiliate airports in India.

You can also opt  for our door to door services to send your articles. It’s a convenient mode of sending cargo to India from Aberdeen. In this service; we will collect the cargo from your place in Aberdeen, then freight it to India. And once the custom is cleared in India, the consignment will be connected to the final destination for delivery.  Unlike airport to airport to service, this mode of transfer has its restrictions. The box weight should be less than 28.5 kg and dimensions cannot exceed more than 100 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm (length, width, and height). This mode of service is advisable for small cargoes, parcels and personal belongings in low quantity.

So if you have a document, or packet as a gift to be sent, or if you are a tourist, expat, looking to carry excess baggage to India, or if you are a small business or a big company located anywhere in Aberdeen. Do give us a call. We will make sure your consignment gets delivered swiftly and aptly.

If you have further queries, or need suggestions, please get in touch with our team of expert at +44-02035983450.


Air Cargo to India  – Excess Baggage Charges from UK to India

Below given are rates for an airport-to-airport service to India from the UK. However, the rates are exclusive of any duties/taxes levied by the Indian customs authorities. To send your personal belongings from anywhere in UK to India. We offer  Air Cargo To India with an assurance of reliability. The estimate transit time for a delivery is 3-4 days from the date of dispatch. To avail an obligatory and free quotation for air cargo to India from the UK feel free to contact us on +44-02035983450.

*All Inclusive of Security Fees, Fuel Surcharge, Wars & Risk Surcharge, Scanning, Air Way Bill Fee, Customs Entry Fees. All rates and charges are subject to change without notice.

Rates are calculated per kilogram from London, Heathrow – United Kingdom.


I N D I A Rates Per/Kg Handling  &   Clearance in UK
Mumbai £1.62 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Delhi £1.62 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Hyderabad £1.89 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Goa TBA £45.00 Per Shipment
Cochin £2.23 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Calicot £2.50 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Bangalore £1.60 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Ahmedabad £2.50 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Kolkata £1.64 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Amritsar £2.50 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Chennai £1.61 + £45.00 Per Shipment
Trivandrum TBA £45.00 Per Shipment
Poona TBA £45.00 Per Shipment
Jaipur TBA £45.00 Per Shipment




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